Whatever your hardware requirements are, you can put IBASE Gaming at the heart of your system, we offer class leading OEM and ODM PC solutions tailored specifically to the gaming industry. We provide global gaming OEM’s a versatile outsource partner who can innovate with via our technology solutions.

Our advantage

We combine hardware and software expertise to a in-house understanding of the requirements for compliance and regulations of the gaming industry, allowing our customers to focus on creating world class content.

Proven Project Execution

Embedded, long life solutions from AMD, Intel and Nvidia

Cell Pass Through Warranty

Superfast SRAM battery backed for up to 5 years

Third Party Evaluation

A full suite of gaming focused I/O with support for all international markets

Technology Escrow

Power off monitored full door intrusion I/O

System Wrap

A full range of digital I/O

Warranty Insurance

A modern Hardware Abstraction API to support the most common peripherals

Warranty Insurance

Class leading thermal design ensuring log life

Warranty Insurance

GLI approved designs

Warranty Insurance

Compliance approvals (UL/FCC/CE)

Warranty Insurance

Green Compliance (RoHS etc)

Warranty Insurance

Secure BIOS (optional)

IBASE Gaming delivers a selection of ODM cabinets with modern, high quality designs for greater player comfort, enjoyment and best-in-class reliability and service. From core to premium designs, in a verity of form factors, all cabinet designs can be customized inside and out, to meet your specifications.


IBASE Technology specializes in the design and manufacturing of robust industrial PC & IloT products including x86- and RISC-based.

Lottery Terminals

IBASE Gaming offers a compressive and state-of-the-art in-house lottery terminal with modular design, security and integrity, and high CPU performance.

Our lottery terminals provide some of the fastest scanner and printer technologies in the market, your choice of wired or wireless, industrial camera modules, etc.

Casino Cabinets

Both of our OEM and ODM cabinets are built to deliver thrilling player experiences and effortless serviceability for our customers.

IBASE Gaming offers a range of lighting and audio solutions to suit all designs and budgets. We provide gaming-ready cabinets to achieve our clients’ goals with premium quality. 

Our cabinets are certified to ISO,UL,FCC, and CE and other international safety standards. 

Sports Betting, Kiosks and Terminals

IBASE Gaming understands the challenges presented by Spots Betting. Our range of kiosk and terminals solutions open to new and exciting sales channels for retail operations that bridge the gap between the online and retail world. 

Sport betting solutions are a part of our range of terminal options, from player loyalty, registration and point of sales solution. They can be designed suitable for stores, lobbies, sports bar, shopping malls, airport lobbies, cruises, casino, and others. 


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